Do You Know

Kindness is good for heart. 

Research has shown that kindness,  compassion,  generosity and mediation can potentiate positivity in our behavior which can be very effective in our defence against heart attack and nurtures good health

Does increasing good cholesterol (HDL) protect us ?

In a recent research this seemingly simple correlation has actually not been found to be true. It seems increasing the quality rather than the quantity of Goid cholesterol boosts health.

Why diabetics have higher incidence of heart disease ?

Around 442 million diabetic patients globally have higher incidence of heart disease as it is thought that actually small vessels of the He
art get damaged resulting in higher cardiac events.  Gene therapy may ameliorate this impact.

Extreme anger and exertion together are dangerous

A recent study has shown that extreme exertion and anger are risk factors for heart attack. The two together would lead to tripling of the risk for the deadly disease. So, when you Are extremely exhausted, it is better to keep your anger under control!

Heart attack and cardiac arrest are different

Heart attack occurs when one of the artery supplying nutrition to it gets blocked. Cardiac arrest occurs when heart stops beating effectively resulting in cessation of blood supply to brain and other organs.

Less good foodWorst diets to eat

A recent study has found that high intake of salt, too little fruits and vegetables, eating processed red meat, too little nuts and seeds, too little whole grains and high intake of sugar-sweetened beverages are responsible for almost half of deaths due to heart attacks and strokes.

drugsStop those pain killers

When you have non-specific pain, popping up a Diclofenac or a Ibuprofen every now and then can lead to heart arrest . Researchers have concluded that in a Danish study
use of any NSAID was associated with a 31% increased risk of cardiac arrest.

Unknown-10Healthiest hearts in the world

The Tsimane indigenous South Americans tribal population has the healthiest hearts in the world. The reason is they live simple , eat healthy and are physically active.
An 80-year-old from the Tsimane tribe has the same vascular age as North American in his or her mid-fifties.