Super ten for healthy human

1. Quitters are winners- i am talking about smoking here. quitting cigarettes is the easiest way to keep your heart healthy. Making those puffs weather real or electronic is not so cool…

2. Indulge your sweet tooth- if you are an emotional eater…dig your teeth in dark chocolates. Flavanols will help you to kick that bad cholesterol

3. Go nuts- mix the walnuts and peanuts to raise your protein levels and good cholesterol

4. Ditch the salt- if you want to keep your pressures under control stop adding that extra salt to your food and give your arteries a break…

5. Move it- you dont have to be a marathon runner but 30 minutes of brisk walking 5 days a week as advised by AHA will help you improve your overall health so move it…..

6. Befriend omega- i mean gofish… fatty acids present in salmon and tuna are good friends of your heart…

7. Raise a toost- having a glass of red wine will bring a smile not only on your face but your heart will be happy too. dont be guilty n say cheers…

8. LOL- dont just lol in your text messages n mails but actually laugh out loud.

9. Honey- a spoonful of honey daily decrease the risk of heart attack and who doesnt love that slim waistline…. thats a sweet advantage

10. Keep calm n go to your happy place- meditation, yoga and solving jigsaw puzzles are amazing stress busters and you can enjoy your ME time during these activities too…

#stay happy stay weird

Written by Dr.  Honey Sharma.

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